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a quick hello!

Hello, We recently found out we are expecting #4 ( Wednesday actually) I was suppose to have surgery on Thursday to have an ovarian cyst removed, and a tubal. (I only have one tube due to an ectopic last yr) Anyway, I had taken 7 tests 3 frer, and 4 $ store, all neg!! Bloodwork at dr on Tues neg. I called the dr on Wed at 10 am and said I didn't want to do the tubal, I was a crying mess couldn't do it! So at 2pm being the POAS addict that I am thought I'd use the LAST test in the drawer... sure enough A BFP!! Back to $ store another bfp... called my bff... minor freak out moment.. called the dr and went in for more blood work and it's confirmed we're pg! A baby is always a blessing to me, so we're excited a bit taken... and wondering where it will sleep lol but looking forward to it!

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Wow!!!! A woman's intuition eh????

Congratulations to you!!!!!!


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Congrats!! How exciting!!

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What a great story for your little one! That is wonderful...Congratulations!

HH9M's to you Smile

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Awesome story!! Congrats!! So exciting!!

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No kidding - what a great story! And intuition IS a powerful thing! Welcome to May! Biggrin HH9M to you!!!!

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Wow congrats! Crazy that you knew before any test knew! LOL.

I have a Kennedy too! Love the name. Blum 3

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Congrats! What a great story to tell about this little one and how they were just meant to be!