Really? ALREADY!?!?!

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Really? ALREADY!?!?!

I'm already starting to be uncomfortable if I sleep on my tummy.. :x I didn't think it would start so soon??

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I usually sleep on my side but partly on my stomach and that is becoming uncomfortable. I am most comfortable on my back, but I am trying to get out of that habit Sad Pretty much I am altogether uncomfortable while sleeping.

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yep me too, sometimes I wake up on my belly and it's REALLY sore!

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Nothing here. I'm ALWAYS a back sleeper. Even till the end, I'm usually sleeping on my back... And my DH will wake me in the middle of the night and tell me to roll because he's read about how blood flow if better if you lay on your side and all that, hahaha...

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I'm usually a side sleeper but when I'm getting ready for bed, I lay on my tummy to read the computer in front of me.. It feels like something is pushing deep inside me and isn't comfy. I guess there kinda is. Wink lol..

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I'm way behind ya and I still can't sleep any which way. I'm typically a side sleeper but for the last few weeks I pretty much only wanna sleep on my back which I know will soon be a no-no.. :/