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Thread: Reason to be Scared :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddz View Post
    I'm glad for that news Adiana. I get worried about all the little babies. I'll keep you in my prayers Christine. I pray for all you ladies.
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    Oh wow! That is scary news. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Hopefully they won't increase and they are just taking extra precaution. I will keep you in my thoughts! Keep us posted.

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    SO sorry about the news! I know nothing about it but It's good that they caught it and I'm sure they can keep an eye on it enough so that you and the baby will be just fine! hugs!

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    I think what's probably causing the confusion here is that the E antigen is not the same thing as the Rh (rhesus) factor. The Rh factor determines whether your blood type is negative or positive, but it is made up of several different antigens, the E being just one of them. So I *think* it's possible to have a positive overall blood type, but still be negative for that particular E antigen (meaning your blood does not wear that particular little "hat" so to speak). If your baby's blood does, it'll attack it like a foreign body. I took a pretty extensive immunology class, but that was like probably 8 years ago, so it's all a bit vague now. I'd LOVE to have that professor here to pick his brain about it... He was a genius in immunology!

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    Bahahahaha Mary. You sound just like me! I always want to know all about everything. That's why I became a teacher.

    And yes, those are two different things, but my doctor said they normally see the e antibody in rh- patients. That is why she couldn't find any information about it being in an rh+ person. Either way, we are in a wait and see pattern and most likely will see at least some NICU time. You git what you git and you don't throw a fit, right?!?! <---What a teacher thing to say, lol
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