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Returned from MIA

Even though I've done this before, I still have been completely engulfed in this newborn stuff and without a quick app to use for this site, I haven't come here since right after Tatum was's been awhile!

She is 6 weeks old today and just like her sister was, she is SUPER high maintenance. The word "fussy" does NOT cover it. There is at least one time each day she gets completely out of control to the point where I think someone else would consider going to the ER because she seems like she must be dying and she isn't breathing she is screaming so hard for so long... She can't be set down at all without crying: hates swing, car seat, bouncer, play mat, bassinet, crib... Actually, I'm pretty much the only person that is ever successful at calming her down. If I'm hoping to give her to someone else, I have to have her pretty much asleep or she goes ballistic...even DH rarely can calm her. Although, there really isn't anyone else bc DH is at work 10-11 hrs a day and we have no local family and no friends with kids that "get it." I'm using a sling and a Boba to wear her so I can pee and eat to survive. If I want alone time with DD1, I have to resign myself to the baby screaming her head off...doesn't make me feel very good that no matter what I do one of my babies is upset pretty much all the time...each one needing me at the same time.

Needless to say, I've had my hands very full making it hard to spend time on here... I haven't had much positive stuff to say anyway so, I'll spare you my griping more Wink

Here are some pictures - she IS super cute Smile

The first three are newborn photos, then 1 month, last one is yesterday.

. . . .

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She is super adorable!! Lucas will go with anyone. I'm so glad lol lets hope this doesn't change. Also, ready for the newborn phase to end. Tired of my baby being fussy from the gas. Poor buddy.