Round ligament pain

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Round ligament pain

Ugh.. it's pretty noticeable today!! I hate it.. it freaks me out! Ugh, any of you having it?

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I'm still not quite sure what the RL stuff is but I took a huge breath in the other night and it felt like a lightening bolt zapped through the right side of my tummy! :shock: That's the first time I think I felt what could be RL pain.. if I understand it right, it's the stretching out of your uterus?? Yeah.. I's has it! Lol

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Yeah, sharp shooting pain, baby is GROWING Lol. So that's a good thing Smile

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Not having anything yet but I'm not as far along as you so maybe it's coming. I had so much pain last pregnancy maybe I won't get any this time,lol one can hope!

Is it constant pain or does it go away and come back? I heard around 17 weeks baby doubles in size so maybe thats why.

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Samantha, it comes and goes. You're right, I bet that's what it is. Baby has been the most active baby has been today too!

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I have it constantly (well, not ALL the time, but everyday I get a stab of it). What's REALLY great is being in bed, rolling over and being hit with a spasm of pain. Then I'm scared to

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YES! Ugh.
I also usually get horrible leg cramps/spasms during pregnancy, waiting for those to start up one of these days too. Oh, the joys...

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I have been having all of the above for a while. I said something at my 8 week about RL pain and the nurse was like, "already?" LOL Now that I have a cold, everytime I sneeze I have to brace myself for the pain. I have been having the leg pain/cramps lately too. Not terrible yet, but it is starting. What fun!

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Yeah I have them. I hate sneezing, hurts so bad. Feels like a bad leg cramp but in your abdomen. It's super sharp and it lasts for awhile too like a leg/foot cramp does. I also get them from getting out of bed too quickly. I have to always remember to use my arms to push me up instead of just sitting up.