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Samantha!!! (blondies4u)

Where ya hidin, mama?? Haven't seen you around for a bit.


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Hi Adriana!!!
Ive just been lurking! It was a rough week last week and didn't have much time to post. DS2 cracked his head open last sunday so we had to take him to the clinic and get it glues shut. Then, DS1 started getting a high fever and was home from school most of the week. He just has a cold but then got DS2 sick, so now I have 2 sick boys. ughhh! I've just been grumpy and don't want it to rub off on anyone else KWIM? I hope to have a better week this week!

I saw that you are bouncing around with names... don't worry.... we don't even have one in mind! LOL

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Aww.. I'm sorry, Samantha. I know how it is to have a tough week. I hope this one is much better Smile

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:woohoo: Glad everyone is alive and kicking.. what in the heck are these boys thinking with getting sick and hurt??? :pissed:

Take ya time, girlie.. was just making sure all was.. well, afloat. Lol


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Sorry to hear you had such a terrible week last night. Sounds rough! Feel better hon! Hope this week is fantastic to make up for last.