Saw my MW for a "fertility review" aka my freaking out....

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Saw my MW for a "fertility review" aka my freaking out....

at not being pg yet. She is soo awesome. Dh and I both love her and consider her an honorary family member. I shared my concerns about not being pg yet this is only my 5th cycle since losing Noah (4th ttc we had to take a month off since I had to deliver him) but I tend to get pg easily and she and I both thought I'd be pg by now. I told her about my weird 9 day LP last cycle and how it worried me things werent going well in there. She says that your LP can fluctuate some and at the practice they consider anything from 9-14 days to be normal. I have read online that your LP shouldnt flucuate like that and asked her about it and she said that in her experience it doesnt impede ttc as long as its within 9-14 days but that its possible others might consider it an impedement if it was always really short which mine isnt it seems to usually flucuate between 12-14 days normally. She thinks it is just a matter of time before I get pg she doesnt think that after 6 living babies and 3 lost ones that I (or dh) suddenly lost the ability to get pg. When I mentioned my light periods (like 1.5 days of light bleeding) in cycles 2 and 3 she said that made her think that maybe my body wasnt back to normal yet and if my lining hadnt recooperated then I wouldnt be implanting thus no pg. Thislast period though oddly early was heavy for about 2 days medium for one and then some spotting after that and that is much more normal for me. She is hopeful that this means my body is producing more lining now. I am going in on cd 21 if I have Od by then for a progesterone test to see if it indicates O. She is pretty sure I am Oing since I have + OPKs, a thermal shift, and O pains but this is another good indicator. If my progesterone is low we will talk meds for next cycle. If its good but I dont get pg then she will have me come in for a an u/s next cycle after O to check my lining and if its not good we will do estrogen. Also if I dont conceive this cycle she wants dh to go in for an SA. He has never had to do one before and is freaked about having to do one. I feel no pity for the man lol I feel like the entire drs office has seen my hoohah at one point or another! I dont really think his sperm are the issue and neither does she but she did say some men have a lower sperm count in the summer when its hot out. So its worth a look. We chatted for quite a while and I felt better about ttc after I left at least we have a plan now. She really thinks it will happen soon for me even w/o help but is willing to give my body a push since I am 35 now if it doesnt happen in the next few months.

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I'm glad you had a good appt!! I know how nice it is to finally have a plan! I really hope you get a BFP soon and don't have to do any of that testing!! Fingers crossed for you friend Smile

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:wavehello: Hi Tiffany! Sounds like your MW is very knowledgeable and very, very caring! I'm so sorry about the loss of your little Noah but am SOOOO happy to hear you're mending physically and emotionally!!

So what is this "push" she is willing to help give you?

Soo happy things are looking up for you! :clappy:

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Sounds like a fab appointment and your mw sounds fantastic!!!

After my first mc it took about 4 cycles to get preggers again.

In a way it's good you haven't fallen really fast as I was getting pregnant really fast after that little break and got diagnosed with hyoerfertility which means bad eggs as well as good eggs get fertilised. My 4 chemicals have been put down to this.

Good luck luck to you!!! Keeping everything crossed!!

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Glad you got to talk to her and are feeling better now. Hope it happens soon :bighug:

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I'm glad you had a good appointment sweetie. It makes such a difference to have a good doc or MW who you can trust. I hope that she's right and you get pregnant easily now without needing any intervention, but I do agree that it helps to have a plan. I'm keeping everything crossed for you and will be stalking you no matter what. Good luck sweetie! Sending you lots of hugs and baby dust!

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Sounds like a great appointment and I'm w/ you and the others, I always feel better w/ a plan in mind. Good luck to you and dh, I hope you see those 2 beautiful lines VERY soon!!!

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Glad you have a plan in place! Hoping you don't have to wait to long and you get that BFP soon!

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I am glad it was a good appt! I am keeping everything crossed that your BFP comes soon!

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Thanks Caitlin! Im excited you are ttc again, hope its a quick journey for you!

Adriana the "push" will most likely be clomid. But we will wait to see how the tests come out before deciding for sure.

Thanks Leah and I am crossing it all for you too! I totally agree a caring provider makes all the difference.