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    Both my boys were born 2 days before their due date at the same time of day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marymoonu View Post
    You're not crazy! I love gestating as long as possible, lol. My doctor started throwing out the word "induction" at like 35 weeks with DS2 because of the issues I was having with BP and low fluid. I got steroid injections to develop his lungs in case he had to come early. When 37 weeks hit, my doctor thought I'd be all ready to get it over with and I was like fighting with him. He made a comment like he was surprised because so many women are begging him to induce them at that point, and he won't do it without a medical cause. I was just like, "Noooo!" Of course, I was back in the office 5 days later for a scan and my fluid was even lower, super low by that point, so I gave up that fight. But after having a baby at 40+5 and then having one born 3 weeks sooner, DS2 felt like a preemie to me compared to my first little fatty. I hope I can make this one a full 40 weeks!!
    40+5 weeks. Your a strong woman! I have always been feeling done at around 38 weeks and don't want my baby to get to big because I have a hard time pushing them out, but I do think making it to 40 weeks is a good goal! I really wished I could of gone longer with DS2 but they scared me and thought he was deformed and not a thriving baby so they wanted to do a c-section and I said no. So they put me as high risk and gave me no choice to induce. It was terrible but a great feeling when he came out and he was just fine!
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    Water broke at 37 w, 6 d (at work!) and she was born 8 hours later. 5 lb, 15 oz and perfect.
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