Self pity rant

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Self pity rant

Hi everyone, I just got to get this rant off my chest. It is driving me batty. I have noticed that when TTC, almost everyone I know pops up pregnant. Don't get me wrong I am very happy for them, but come on!!! My 2 friends are pregnant, my cousin is pregnant and now my sister in law is pregnant. They are due between December-early March. It bugs me that some people have an easier time and I have a hard time with one tube and PCOS. I just want to cry, which I will soon after I type this. I am very discouraged:(

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I hear what you're saying Shannon. It's really upsetting. I also find you see pg women EVERYWHERE when you're desperate to be pg. In the year we were TTC #1 I'd often sit at my computer with a drink looking at the baby photos of my FB friends and crying. It's so so hard. Sad *great big hugs*

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HUGE hugs to both.. I'm so sorry Sad

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HUGS! let yourself have a good cry. It does seem that way. When I was ttc #1 everyone I knew was getting preg and my best friend even called to tell me about her oops preg the same day I got a bfn. She then had great timing and was constantly calling to tell me all about the preg on the days I tested and got a BFN. It is hard. know that you aren't alone in those feelings. I pray your time comes soon!! big hugs!

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I am so sorry you are feeling sad. It is very tough to not get pregnant when everyone around you has no problem doing it. So frustrating! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks ladies:) you are awesome !!:) it is nice to know that I am not alone. I did have a little cry and prayed. Hugs to you ladies too.

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