She Finally Came!!!

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She Finally Came!!!

After being 10 days late AF is finally here!!!! YAY!! So excited that she finally showed up and now we can get to a new cycle!

So now (if we catch the egg this cycle) my due date would be May 26th Blum 3

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Good luck this month!

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Sorry she messed you around so much!!!
Glad to share another bb with you.
Baby dust to you.

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Thanks! I am so excited to be able to share May with yall! I was thinking I may miss out on it. I love May and it would be great to deliver in may before it get too hot here in Texas!!

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:woohoo: Welcome to May!! :clappy:

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Good Luck!

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Glad she finally came and good luck to you!

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Good luck! So glad the witch finally showed. It sucks when she's late and makes you completely miserable waiting. Hope this is a great cycle for you and that it results in a BFP!

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Thanks so much everyone! I have my fingers crossed that I get to stay here..and that everyone else does too!! Who says I can't have it all Blum 3

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