She's here!!!!

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She's here!!!!

Baby girl born at 11.28 pm Monday night. 7 lb 2oz. 19.75 inches and perfect. Quickest labor and delivery ever! Got to hospital at 6.30, water broken 7, epidural in by 7.30, 2cm dilated. Checked at 8.30 and 4-5 cm. after some super intense contractions nurse checked me again at 10.30 and was 8cm! She called the doc who got there by 11, started pushing 11.15, 3 contractions later and baby pops out!! Hurt like hell but was amazing too! More info to follow. We will have a naming ceremony on Saturday so she is baby girl till then :). Will post pics in a bit.

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Woohoo!! Congratulations, Yaeli! That was awesome and fast. Glad everything went well. Can't wait to see pics of your little girl Smile

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Yay! Congrats baby girl, welcome to the world. I love checking in the morning and being surprised by babies being born!

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Yay! Congrats, Mama!

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YAY! Congrat! Enjoy shopping for girly clothes!!!!

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Awe yay!! Congrats and WTTW little lady!! Smile

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Congrats! What a great labor!!! Enjoy your baby girl!!!

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Congrats Yaeli! Can't wait to see pics of your little girl!

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Congrats! & Welcome little princess! Can't wait to hear her name!