Sick of being sick (whiny post)

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Sick of being sick (whiny post)

Seriously, I've never been as sickly as I've been in the past few months. It started right after Christmas, our whole house had a stomach virus... We were all puking all over the place.

Then about a month ago, I had it again. Nausea and lots of diarrhea, but managed not to vomit (thankfully... I hate throwing up). That time, only my DS2 got sick along with me, and he was vomiting. I felt really terrible though, actually closed up at work an hour early so I could go home, which I NEVER do. I made DH pick me up because I work an hour from home and didn't feel safe to drive. I ended up going to L&D because I got nervous. They gave me IV fluids and some meds for nausea. They took blood/urine samples, but weren't able to find anything off, so it was probably just a virus.

And now... I have it AGAIN. Woke up yesterday at like 3am feeling really nauseated, took some zofran and pepcid and sat on the floor next to the bed while DH rubbed my back. Had diarrhea, went back to bed. Still felt terrible when my alarm went off at 6am, but got ready anyway and headed out for my hour-long drive to work. I took a plastic bag with me, and thank goodness I did. I made it about 5-10 minutes from work and had to pull over to throw up in it. OMG. It was horrific. Thankfully, my coworker was able to make it in shortly after 9am to relieve me so I could go home, so I only had to suffer through about an hour of work. I came home and isolated myself from DH and the kids ALL day yesterday. I just stayed in my bedroom and slept most of the day and night. I was nervous because baby seemed lethargic, but I had a NST today and he was doing well. They said I had lost weight.. Not really surprised by that. I've had some saltines and a little bit of water. DH made me some green tea which was like the most amazing green tea I've ever had... I'm going to try some chicken noodle soup and gatorade now. Blaaah.

I'm hoping all this illness is out of the way before baby comes.

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I'm so sorry, Mary! I hope it goes away soon. It's bad enough we already don't feel good, feel sleepy and tired.. and then to top it off you get sick. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way so that you feel better soon!

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Sorry to hear you guys have been struggling with being sick since CHRISTMAS!!!! That's just nuts! Hopefully with the start of spring, some windows can open and all the crazy sick bug stuff can take a hike!!

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The flu really is on a rampage this year! It has only hit us once (while away on vacation) but I know several people whom it has gotten multiple times. UGH! I hope the worse is over!

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Thanks peeps, feeling better today... Just tired and worn down. I would love another day or two to rest, but I had to work today and will work all weekend. My next day off is Tuesday. I'm starting to feel quite uncomfortable... Baby feels like he could literally just poke a hole in my belly with one of his limbs and come out of my abdomen. Unreal. Lots of heartburn. I'll just be happy if that was the last of my sickness for a while. I'm still waiting to see if the kids/DH get it this time, but I quarantined myself from all of them for a whole day or more, so I'm hoping they won't get it.