Sinus Infection...Help me breathe!

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Sinus Infection...Help me breathe!

I haven't had my appt with the nurse to get all the info on safe meds. What can I take? My nose is soooo clogged steam, tea, or a netipot won't help! My nasal spray says it's class C. What else is there? I haven't slept in 2 days and I was such a mean teacher today.

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If it really is a sinus infection you'll need antibiotics. For clearing your nose up I don't thik there are a lot of options...cold medicines and such are really just a money-pit, in my opinion. Benadryl or Claritin might help bring down some swelling in your nose, but I don't usually take anything else...if I'm feeling so bad I can't sleep I'll usually prop myself up, turn on the humidifier, shove tissues up my nose to prevent dripping down my face (DH calls them nose tampons), and pop some Benadryl to make me pass out. Obviously, extra fluids are a must...if you get dehydrated all the mucous will become thicker and more stuck. Tylenol is safe too and will help with the aches and general crappy feeling which I think makes it a little easier to deal with the other stuff. Sorry this isn't a post to let you in on my secret magic potion...if only... I hope you start feeling better and that the nurse calls you soon.

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I had a sinus infection at 5-6 weeks in my pregnancy too. It was absolutely awful. My OB told me to take regular sudafed during the day and benedryl at night to help me sleep. Unfortunately, nothing really worked that well. I saw a regular doc and he was reluctant to prescribe anything. What worked best for me in the middle of the night was to take a hot shower and then try to sleep sitting up. It usually got me a few hours of sleep.

Sorry you have to go through this. Hope it passes quickly.

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Ugh. Sinus infections are awful (((HUGS))) My OB gave me a list of meds I can take. Sudafed and regular Robitussin were on there. The four hour kind, not the 12 hour one. And Claritin, but that probably won't help much.