So much nicer here on

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So much nicer here on

I am slacking off at work this morning and browsing the May 2013 birth board and holy moly are people mean! We never had 'fights' on my other birth board here on and you all are so nice and supportive too. If those ladies on the babycenter boards were in the same room I think we'd have some hair pulling and blood loss. Jeepers! I think I'll stay over here from now on. Here's to a supportive group of mommies. Smile

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Callie, I've only ever been on this one but I have browsed other places and you are so right. I don't understand why people have to fight/argue over the internet anyway!

So glad to have you ladies Smile

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Girrrrrllll... A bunch of us came from BC over here back in 2003 and it was like that then.

Some days you're the fire hydrant and some days you're the dog but that never gives you the right to disrespect anyone, ever! I'm glad you like PO! I know I'm a fan!

And if it ever gets to a point you wanna pull my hair out, have at it. It'll save me hair cut money. Lol

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:lurk: Just peeking in to say I'm glad you all are here too!

I know we (general) have one of *THOSE* days where we could disagree that the sky is blue but it seems to be done in the spirit of "family". That is because of the spirit that each of YOU bring to the table. Thank YOU for that! Smile

Best wishes to all throughout your pregnancies!