Some pee sticks, just for fun

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Some pee sticks, just for fun

I used my last HPT this morning and I refuse to buy anymore. They really make me insane. Like, "Yeah I see the line, but is it DARK enough?!" So anyway, I'm glad to have NO pee sticks left. I just thought I'd share my progression over the last 4 days. They were all FMU except the first (faintest) one.

Please feel free to share your own, for everyone's stalking pleasure! Wink

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8/19/12 - 9DPO @ 7pm

8/19/12 - 9DPO @ 7pm (Invert)

8/20/12 - 10DPO @ 430am with FMU

8/20/12 - 10DPO @ 722am with FRER

8/24/12 - 14DPO

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Woohoo! Love to see those bfp!!

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It doesn't matter how many pee sticks I see, I still get excited at them Wink great pics ladies xx

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Great progression pics!!! i LOVE seeing double LINES!!! WOOT WOOT! If I wasn't so computer illiterate I'd post my pics Sad

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Nice progression and I think the darkness of each test is just right. Smile