Speaking of Baby Showers...

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Speaking of Baby Showers...

My co-worker brought up the baby shower thing again so I'm thinking she's pretty set on giving me one. Smile I told her I would LOVE to open my home to have it here.. she said that would totally save on a venue and she would love it! She did warn me.. when I told her I would cook some munchines and snacks.. that I would do no such thing.. that it I would be sitting on my butt and do NOTHING while she took over my kitchen. :biglaugh:

I think the main reason I opened my house for it is because there are SOOOO many people that have said they want to come to whatever shower I had and there's NO way I'd expect her to bear a financial burden out somewhere... when my house is free! Smile

Looks like we'll be targeting either February 23 (30 weeks) or March 2nd (31 weeks).. which ever DH has off.

She asked me if I have started registering yet to which I said.. :shock: No! I didn't realize that was only a little less than 2 months away!

So who else is gearing up for a baby shower???

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I don't know that I'll have another shower. Unless someone wants to give me one but I won't even mention one to anyone Blum 3

That sounds like fun and you'll feel more comfortable at home too Smile

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So exciting you will be getting a baby shower! You need lots of boy stuff! Definetly put a newborn rock in play on your registry! My most useful item last time. We should start a thread on baby items since most of us are BTDT moms.
i'm not getting a baby shower which is totally fine because I have 2 of everything! I do have a few big items I have to get though that I couldn't use from my last 2.

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SO exciting! And great idea, Samantha, to give our suggestions of useful items and waste of money items! We all need a refresher and to see what we have and what new thing is out - been 4 years since I did this, a lot can change in the world of baby stuff Smile

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I started an online registry last night but don't wanna put TOO much on it since DH was sleeping and he should be involved Lol But I put the bedding set we like.. plus some sheets, mattress pads and changing pad / covers. I saw some cute little bath tubs and what not. Oh! And put a MobyWrap on there, too. It looks super comfy!! I won't do the Bjorn kind.. not good for their hips, I've read..

Exciting stuff!!!

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YAY for a baby shower! That sounds so nice and I love that you get to do nothing!!!!

"nidia" wrote:

I don't know that I'll have another shower. Unless someone wants to give me one but I won't even mention one to anyone Blum 3

I'm feeling the same as you. We aren't finding out the sex and already have lots of girl stuff. Perhaps someone might do one after baby is born if we have a boy? Not sure.

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I wouldn't think I will have a shower. Mostly because this is our second, but even though it is a girl, there are logistic problems. The only time I have off next is spring break, and I have been told I am not allowed to travel at all during my last trimester. Spring break falls into that time so I won't be able to travel anywhere and all our family that would throw one are two states away :/ But there is not much we need. We still have all Jack's stuff. I will look into the breast pump from the insurance company and if I don't work next year I will splurge on some girly cloth dipes. Other than that we are technically good (you know except for girly clothes which we should be getting from my sister's daughter) Biggrin