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Is anyone else starving?! I have been since yesterday.. oh wow.. just seems like I can't stay full for long. I ate lunch at 12:15 and by 2, I had to have a snack. Growing boy.. please get full soon!

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YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm forEVER starving! lol.. But I think I'm getting fed up with carb control crap. ROFL

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Yes, I'm always hungry. Always. But with having to limit carbs, I just have to deal with it...partly because I can't eat for two hours after a meal so I can test blood sugar, and partly because what I can eat just doesnt feel as filling as bready stuff. Cheese, meat, veggies just feel like stones in my stomach. I want something soft and filling... Hungry now and still almost an hour away from glucose check. I drink a lot of water to feel "full." no wonder I'm losing weight...

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Yup starving. Mostly because mil can't cook. When my mom or aunt was here thy made huge gd friendly meals and I was not starving. I have days where I can't get enough though and days where eating seems like too much work. :/

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Ugh... Don't get me started. I desperately want to eat. But when I eat anything that isn't bland or is bigger than just a few bites, I throw up. Here I was all worried because I was gaining weight a lot faster with this bean than my other two, and I didn't want to end up huge. Being sick all the time has nipped that in the bud and I'm pretty much on track with the others now. Crazy. I just desperately WANT to eat something, and I can't. Sad

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I wake up starving and i'm not preggo. (or at least not that i know of). I feel like I haven't eaten in a few days when I wake.