Stressed today...

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Stressed today...

Ugh... So today, I went to the bathroom at work and found unusual discharge. It's light brown in color and more abundant. I've had a LOT of cramping, lots of pressure down low, and stabbing sensations in my cervix. I don't know what's going on, but it's making me nervous. I hope some of it is just residual effects of my pap on Monday, but I was fine yesterday, so I dunno... To make matters worse, I just had a huge meal, and I feel fine. No nausea whatsoever, when normally, I can only eat small meals or I feel ill. No boob soreness. Blah!!

The good news is, there's still a little heartbeat on the doppler. Smile

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I bet that's what it is bc after my vaginal u/s I had a little pink spotting and it went away, nothing the next day and brown discharge the next. Don't worry! I know it's easier said than done but yes a heartbeat is great to hear (:

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Hope it's just from the pap! Thats what it sounds like. Glad you could find the heartbeat again. I tried today bit couldnt find it, but its early. heck, Im still not sure if there is anything growing in me yet!

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I agree.. a heartbeat is a dang good sign! Smile

You may be right.. just residual from your pap.. Watch it, though.. stay on top of it. Smile Something tells me you will.. Wink

SO what did you eat ridiculous amount of? :hungry:

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lol... veggie lasagna (yum!), green beans, and bread and butter (like 4 pieces, hahaha)

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Good that you hear the beat Smile KUP though ok. Keepin' you in my thoughts.

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CM seems much more normal today and less of it. Feeling better about things for now. Smile

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yay!!! glad to hear things are well again Smile it's so hard NOT to panic isn't it?!