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I don't know why... But I am. :teethchatter:

We don't have ANYTHING set up for this little man.. the rocking chair we bought last year at a garage sale has yet to be painted.

The crib iusn't even out of the box - but we don't know if it's going in our room (downstairs) or in his bedroom (upstairs) - that's dependent on if we get the pack n play at the shower.. which is a month away, still!!
- DH says we can open up the box this weekend to make sure there's no defective parts. It's a start! Biggrin

We don't have daycare set up yet.. not even CLOSE to picking somewhere.

DD's grades are falling a little more than I care to admit so I told DH no more Star Wars games until her grades come back up.. and I needed his support on that - which means he'll have to play less, too. (I haven't gotten the response from that email yet.. :roll: )
- DH is in full support. YAY! He canceled her account (the pay portion of it.. not the whole account) and she's been working on her homework a little more each night.

I missed the deadline at DD's school for their annual auction donation so I have to go get that stuff today and make a pretty basket of sorts to be auctioned off - by TOMORROW!! :shock: or pay an even BIGGER late fee. :roll: (DD goes to a private school and have an auction every year for fund raising)
- Got most of it turned in - the last half they agreed to let me wait until payday since it's a pretty penny worth of donation

The auction raffle ticket money is due Friday and I haven't even talked to family about buying some tickets.
- Still haven't. lol.. but ok, whatever. I'll just write the check.

Her Jump Rope for Heart jump rope-athon is on Wednesday and, again, haven't even thought about talking to family about donating to the cause.
- Same here, too.. I'll just write a check :roll:
Work is drilling me into the ground.

I'm scared that I'll fail my glucose test on Thursday.

My maternity pants won't stay up cuz my belly is too big.. and I'm having a VERY hard time coming to grips with buying MORE clothes!!
- Bought a couple more long t-shirts instead.. they were on clearence - MUCH cheaper than pants. lol..

The dog is in DIRE need of a bath.

We need new tires on DH's car. Plus he has an engine light on that needs to be looked at - and he needs his oil changed.

Ok maybe I DO know why.. :oops:

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Ok, count to 10 and take a deep breath! It will be ok. Take care of the things you need to for this week and relax, we still have a few months before baby is here!

Our crib will be in our room at least until baby sleeps through the night or only wakes 1 time or so. I don't want to be walking in the middle of the night to the other side of the house. It sucks my room and babys will be so far away!

Call your family today and let them all know about both things. Tell them you're sorry and that pregnancy brain has hit HARD. I know, it has for me.. it sucks.. never had it this bad with Noah. It will all work out!

One day at a time, things that come first, do first.. wait for the baby things.. you still have a few months. Take care of DH's car this weekend or this month anyway.

Ask DH to give doggy a bath, I am sure he won't mind Smile Relax!!

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UGH! I absolutely hate days like that. SO stressful and upsetting. Maybe try to deal with the easy items...send an email out to family about the fundraising and see what comes of that. Like I said on the June board, I'd just set that crib up in baby boy's room and worry about the pack n play later. Chances are you'll get one and if not, you'll probably just buy one yourself. They are awesome to have with kids!

*hugs* I hope tomorrow is less stressful.

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I totally totally understand. It's great you have a list though, start checking off the easy ones first and then the hard ones won't seem so hard.