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What symptoms are you experiencing? I know every pregnancy is different but I'm just curious to see what everyone on the board is experiencing so far!

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Vomitted once last Friday..
Nausea, nausea, nausea
Hungry CONSTANTLY, especially when I FIRST wake up
Tinkle throughout the night.. well, all the time, honestly.
Cramping by the public bone
Weight gain ( :roll: )
Boobs feeling like they are full of milk already (even though they aren't lol.. )

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Twinges, pulling pains
major bloat!
bladder fullness every 5 min.
high sense of smell... everything stinks!!!

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I don't have much (just adds to my worrying, lol). I had a few nights of a really torn up stomach, but that has gone away. I have a wave of nausea here and there throughout the day, but nothing consistent. My bbs kind of hurt sometimes, I am exhausted (in bed by 8:30 last night) and have been getting up to pee in the middle of the night. I am still kind of early though. Don't symptoms seem to start more around 6 weeks?

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Crazy strong sense of smell...
Weird taste in my mouth all the time!
Um...TMI... I'm pooping a lot more often than ever before :huh:

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Exhausted all the time
Nausea has been slowly building and tonight is the worst so far
Hungry constantly, especially first thing in the morning
Twinges in uterus area
Occasional unusual boob sensations/pain
Short(er) temper, lol

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#1 Heartburn
#2 Nausea
#3 Sore Nipples
#4 Off and on cramping
#5 Peeing
#6 Peeing
#7 Peeing

Did I mention Peeing???

#8 headaches

oh and the last thing is major mood swings........AAAAAHHHH the joys of pregnancy!!!