Tatum has arrived!

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Tatum has arrived!

She made her arrival this morning at 501 at 39 w, 6 days. 6 lbs, 6 oz, no glucose problems (that THAT GD!) already breast feeding better than I ever did the first time. She is perfect and looks just like her sister did. I'm doing great other than tired from working all day yesterday and laboring all night.

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Yey! So glad you and her are doing well Smile can't wait to see a pic of her!

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oh yay! Congrats!!! WTTW Tatum! I was wondering how you were doing! Glad she made her arrival and you are both doing well!

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YAY! Welcome Tatum! Love the name. Glad BFing is going well!!!! Can't wait for pics!

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Congrats! WTTW Tatum! Can't wait to see pics.

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I didn't want to say anything since I saw it on FB but congrats, mama.. she is PRECIOUS!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin WTTW Tatum!! :love10:

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Congrats and welcome to the world Tatum!

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Congratulations mama! WTTW baby Tatum! Can't wait to see pics and hear more about her arrival. Smile

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Congrats Callie!! Welcome Tatum!!

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Congrats! So nice to hear everything went well! Looking forward 2 seeing some pics!