Teeth Brushing..

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Teeth Brushing..

Anyone else having a lot of bleeding when you brush your teeth? This morning was the first for me and it was kinda ugly.. I was spitting out nothing but foamy blood.. :confused: I know my blood production is up b/c of the baby but wow!

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I just had it happen to me last night for the first time. Extra blood, woohoo! lol..

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I'm pretty sure sensitive and bleeding gums are a pregnancy thing. YUM...right? Like we need that when we already feel sick!!

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I haven't yet.. thank goodness. Hoping I don't :x

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Not yet, but I hate brushing my teeth, it makes me gag!

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haha Samantha, I was JUST about to post, "Wait 'til it makes you gag too!" lol. My OB even told me to brush my teeth in the shower because I'm gonna throw up. And I do. Every day.. LOL

And yes, since about...eh...9 weeks, there's blood, but they say that's super normal