Time is flying!

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Time is flying!

I can't believe my little man is 12 days old already! Updates on us.. He was born at 6lb 12 oz and dipped to 6lb 2oz. His billy level was pretty high at birth but at 1 weeks old, his risk level shifted down to the 75th percentile. I'm trying to feed him like crazy to get it out - we'll know how well it's working when we go back on Wednesday for another jaundice follow up. He's looking better, I think!

Nursing like a little champ - I'm concerned about my milk supply being enough, though. He's gone to eating every 30-60 minutes where as just a week ago was going 3-4 hours in between feedings. I was able for him to eat AND pump for storage but now I'm scared he's not eating enough. I'll mention it to the doc on Wed.

His cord and circumcision thingy fell off within a day of each other so he's been given full on baths already! Which is a good thing cuz he's a little pooping machine!! Sometimes only a bath will get this stuff off lol.. Thank goodness, he's pretty ok with the bath thing. Although when it comes to washing his hair, he's in love with the water fall from my bath faucet. Lol

Here's some pics from the past week or so.. Biggrin

Peeing on daddy - hahahaha! I warned him to get a diaper on but he didn't wanna listen to me. Lol

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He is so freaking adorable!! I wish I could give him some snuggles.

That's too funny about him peeing on his daddy.. but at least daddy didn't seem to mind!

He looks more like you to me but he has features of both of you. Does he have deep blue eyes?

Oh man, he's gorgeous, Adri Smile

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He is ridiculously cute!

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He is so stinkin cute Adriana! I love that smiley photo of him! Preciousness!

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I don't think there's anything this boy can do and his daddy not be completely ok with it right now. Lol He's so in love with him. :love10:

I want to say his eyes are a deep blue / grey mix.. it's really hard to tell what color they are.. it's very unique. DH thinks he'll end up with green eyes. I have NO clue what his logic is but those are his thoughts. Smile

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Love the pictures of Bram! He looks so much bigger already! TFS! What a great feeling it is to have DH be so involved and in love!

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Oh wow - he is just precious Adriana! I can't believe he is 12 days already. You are going to be one experienced Mama by the time we all get our acts together here Smile
Keep the updates and pictures coming. Love seeing our oldest little miracle blossom!

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Time is flying! Glad things are going well. He is so so so cute!!!