Tired of being pregnant.... already :(

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Tired of being pregnant.... already :(

This is time #2 for me and I just feel wiped out. Everything was new and exciting last time. This baby wasn't planned and i am eexcited but being pregnant isn't very fun. :/ anyone else feel like this??

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Definitely the first trimester is the worst. Can't wait to get to the 2nd so we can get some energy back and start feeling better! Oh and welcome to May Smile

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Morning, Maddie - and welcome to May! :wavehello:

I can't say I relate to the frustration you somewhat feel.. but certainly understand the struggles! Like Nidia said.. the first trimester is completely exhausting.. and our bodies go through SOOO much change that it's really hard to keep a hold on it all!

How are you feeling other than exhausted?

Congrats by the way! Smile We're glad you're here!!!

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I agree! It's totally normal expecially when your exhausted! I'm hoping that 1st trimester goes by fast and we can all start to enjoy these pregnancies more! Try to treat yourself to somehing nice!
Babies are such blessings even when not planned!

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I feel your pain. I'm just holding out for the 2nd tri. It's soooooo much better when you stop feeling sick and exhausted, you start feeling the baby move, you find out if it's a girl or boy (if you want to)... There's so much to look forward to, but the present sucks a lot.

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I am right there with ya! This was a surprise pg for us too, and while I'm excited... I'm still excepting it too. I don't want that to to sound bad, I feel really guilty for not being all... " OH YEAH, A BABY!" because I am happy... just wondering how on earth I'm gonna do this with FOUR! lol And I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! Hungry yet can't eat a darn thing... I'm SO ready to be about 20 weeks along when it gets "fun".

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thank s ladies. you gals are great and super supportive . i lke this board way better than babycenter. I am have pretty much all of the first tri symptoms. no vomiting yet but just nauseous and it sucks
hang in there ladies!

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2confused - I feel the same way. I don't have any other kids but I've had two losses and I just can't wrap my head around the idea that I'm pregnant for REAL this time. I don't think it's gonna hit 'til I'm pushing.

Everyone else - I was in your shoes a few weeks ago. So miserable. I cried constantly. I vomited constantly. It was horrible. Zofran has helped alot, but not cured it. I'm 14 wks tomorrow and I still have m/s, but it's better. I can also cook, do laundry and sweep without passing out on the couch. It'll pass and the second tri-mester is easier!! Just hold on!