tonight's the night!!!

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tonight's the night!!!

No fb posts yet please, but I'm being induced tonight! Fluid was too low at my OB appointment today so he sent me to the hospital and I'm here just waiting to get started!!!

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Oh my goodness, how exciting!! I can't wait to see that sweet little boy!!

GL girlie and keep us posted.. EEKS Smile Our first May Miracle born in May!! Our second May miracle Smile :)

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How exciting! Best wishes Mary that all goes smoothly and lots of ELV's to you. I can't wait to see pics of your newest little man!! Biggrin

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Woohoo! So exciting! Can't wait to see pics. Good luck momma!

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Good luck and ELV!!!! Will b thinking of you. Keep us posted! Can't wait to 'meet' the next May miracle!!

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YAY and good luck!!!!

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How exciting your baby boy will be in your arms soon!!! Good luck!

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Yay! So excited for you! ELVs, can't wait for an update!!

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woot woot!!! ELV to ya girlie can't wait to hear an update on how things go Smile

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Sending you a ton of easy labor vibes!!

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