U/S today

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U/S today

I called it a mini appointment, because really all we did was an u/s since I have had an ectopic before. It went okay I guess... I measured 5w3d whereas I had figured almost 6 wks... we saw the sac right where it should be, tube was clear, but not able to see a fetal pole yet... which she assured me over and over it's just to early still... but hard not to worry ya know? I go back October 9th for my "official first visit"

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*hugs* It is such a hard point, because it is so hard to be positive that everything is fine! But it sounds like things are going okay, hope you're feeling well and that in October you'll get to see that wonderful heartbeat!

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Sorry your appt was frustrating, sweetie. Sad My dr office won't even do an U/S scan until minimum 8 weeks... Hang in there! You'll be seeing that little bean soon enough! Biggrin

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It is way early to see anything on the u/s. Its great that you saw the sac in the right place! And I wouldn't worry about measurements either you could def be closer to 6 wks it's so hard to measure such a tiny little sac.

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I'm sorry you didn't get to see everything that you wanted to see but it sounds like that little one is doing great!!

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Ugh, I hate this early part of pregnancy, don't you? It's so stressful. I hope you get a perfect little heartbeat at your next scan.