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Baby measured pretty much right on! Smile Dr. said it had a strong heart beat
i might have a cyst on my ovary and there is some black spots in the uterus that he said is probably blood from baby burrowing in and it's fine. he said everything looks good. :
i have another u/s on Nov. 9 Smile

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That's great! yay for a heartbeat! How exciting!

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Yey Smile How awesome!

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Congrats! I had a cyst on the ovary that I ovulated from, but he said it's supposed to be there to help the baby grow until around 8 or 9 weeks when it starts to go away....

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ACK!! I'm so sorry, Maddie!!! I didn't see your name on the appointment list or I TOTALLY would have wished you a GREAT appointment today!!! Sorry 2

Yay for great appointments! Smile I LOVE when those happen!!! Now why are you getting another US? I'm totally nosey! Lol

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Sorry! I didn't update the appointment list in time. I do have your other appointments on there now, though. Smile

Glad it all went well. Woohoo for a healthy bean!! You guys are making me even more impatient for my own u/s.

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Adriana : IDK why honestly. I think the Dr's office just does it. He just told me we'd be doing another one and I won't complain about that. Smile

I actually didn't put my appts on until afterwards so no need to apologize but Thanks Smile

Mary thanks for getting them on there... and you will love the u/s , they are great. I only got 1 last time and was bummed. I'm excited to have more. Smile

Jessica: that makes me feel better. thanks for that info!

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I have a huge cyst on my left ovary... it was there w/ my last pg too and I scored some extra u/s because of it Wink I was suppose to have my surgery to have it removed and found this sweet lil one is on the way, so looks like the cyst is gonna ride along for another pg! haha Congrats on a great appointment!!!!