ummm... what was THAT????

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ummm... what was THAT????

Just woke up from a nice nap, thanks dh who came home early from work since my hips felt like the wishbone on Thanksgiving day, anyway... go to the loo and something brown, gooey, slimey came out. Had some blood to it... would this be my "bloody show" or is it just from my exam yesterday and the stripping of membranes??? Kinda starting to feel like things are getting real! and yes this is my 4th child and I feel like it's my first! I swear I have pregnant amnesia or something!

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Sounds like bloody show! I've read that labor is usually imminent (like within a day) if you have bloody show. But I suppose it could also be from getting your membranes stripped... I've read that may or may not lead to labor. But good luck!!

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Oooh! Def sounds like something is happening! I feel totally the same way. this is my 3rd but may as well be my first with what I know/remember Smile

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Ooo! I would be excited if I were you! And making my last minute arrangements before another nap

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Sounds like it's the effect of the membrane sweep - which is ok! Progress is a good thing! Smile C'mon little babe - it's time to come play! Smile