Updates on my crappy post-partum weirdness

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Updates on my crappy post-partum weirdness

Well, this has officially been the WORST post-partum period for me out of my three babies. I've been dealing with really volatile blood pressures (can be 180/115 and 105/70 within the same hour.. wtf?), tingling in my extremities that has spread to most of my body and includes involuntary twitching/jerking of my muscles, as well as severe anxiety related to my own health. When I got my epidural, I waited too late to ask for it, so it didn't really kick in before I gave birth. After I delivered, one little spot on my right thigh got numb, and that was it. Well, I still have numbness in my right thigh. Also, my hands cramp/seize up from time to time. I had another ER trip yesterday due to blurred vision and they found protein/ketones in my urine. My blood sugar was really low and I hadn't eaten, so that could explain the ketones in the urine, but the protein is a bit concerning. My potassium was low, so that could maybe explain the hand cramping, but it was weird because they gave me a pretty large dose of potassium there in the ER and the cramping didn't start until today.

I saw my family doctor to follow up today and he was pretty helpful. I went in wanting something to change with my blood pressure regimen, because I just feel it's not working. However, at my appointment, my BP was 105/70 and I was having dizziness, so he didn't want to increase my dose or anything. I also told him I was getting to the point that I was ready to just give up on BF-ing if it meant I could use better medications to control my anxiety and blood pressure. He was great, though. He really encouraged me to continue on with BF-ing, and said even if I need to pump and dump for a while, I don't have to give it up. That's just what I needed to hear, because I was ready to just stop. And I was so sad about it because I made it to a year with my other two, and I want to give that to Nolan as well.

The doctor believes that if we can control my anxiety, my blood pressure will follow suit. He says he thinks my hormones are just all out of whack and that over the next few weeks, some of this should normalize. In the meantime, he increased my zoloft from 50mg to 100mg. He gave me a Rx for ativan.. Ugh. I hate the thought of taking anything habit-forming. However, I know there have been times over the past couple weeks or so where I really needed something quick-acting for the anxiety. I get myself so panicked thinking something is wrong and I know it just drives my BP through the roof. So anyway, I'll just reserve that for when I'm in crisis mode and ready to run to the ER again. I was worried that I'd have to pump and dump a lot if I took it, but according to lactmed/nih, it doesn't really get into breastmilk much (like micrograms per liter) and they don't have any reports of it sedating the baby, so they don't recommend any special precautions. That said, I'll probably still pump and dump once or twice if I take it because I'm paranoid.

He's going to try to get me in sooner to see the neurologist about the tingling and numbness. Right now my appointment isn't until June 27th, so I hope he can get me in sooner. He also wants me to see a cardiologist just to be on the safe side because of all the weird blood pressure issues. I hope all these doctors release me with a clean bill of health, and hopefully the worst problem is that I've wasted a lot of time and energy worrying for no reason.

In happier news, Nolan is doing well. He's a little sweetie, although we've had a few nights where he wants to cry a lot at bedtime. It's always followed by a giant poop, though, then he's happy again, haha. His big brothers love him and want to talk to him and kiss him all the time.

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*hugs*. I'm sorry to hear you're having so many physical and emotional problems. Sad I hope it passes quickly. It's not fair!

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I've been thinking and praying for you!
I am glad they have got you something that will be a bit more fast acting, hopefully doctor is right and once hormones stabilize so will the anxiety and blood pressure.

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Oh man. That's a lot to handle. Hope you can get the answers you need asap. Thinking of you and praying for quick recovery all around!!

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I hope you're having some improvement since your last visit with the doc....so sorry it has been so rough this time. :bighug: