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How are you all getting your prenatal? The prenatals the OB gave me are horse pills so I kinda just laughed when she showed me a sample that was going into my bag.. :oops:

I've been TRYING to get the chewable Flinstones down.. which she said are perfectly fine.. but I just can't..

What are you all taking and how? Do they have liquid vitamins I can try to drink?

:sad11: I feel like I'm "neglecting" my bean if I don't take them.. :oops:

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Mine are horse pills too LOL But I manage to get them down. I forget about them though.. I forgot to take it like 2 days last week.. it's just hard to get into that routine!

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I'm doing the horse pills with a meal. When I was pg with DD I took them twice on an empty stomach and threw up both times. The only two times I threw up the whole ya, I learned from that! LOL

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I used to take One A Day Prentals but they made me feel ill, so after having DS2 I started taking Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy's. I asked my OB if they were ok, and she said they are just as good. I guess you can get all you need from food if you eat a variety but they like pregnant women to take a prenatal just in case.

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I have the horsepills too but when m/s hit my OB said I can temporarily just take Folic Acid (and B6 for the nausea) and once m/s eases I'll go back to the horse pills...

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I've got the CVS brand Gummy Prenatals (cause you know I am cheap) they were on sale last month for two bottles for the price of one. I can never take large pills, and barely took them (maybe like ten times) when I was pregnant with DS. The gummy vits are pretty good if you can stand fruit flavors, it seems like they put a lot of the orange flavor in this bottle I am on and it make me gag.

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I take some prenatal gummies. I can't remember the brand at this moment and I don't feel well enough to go downstairs and look. But they are missing calcium and magnesium. I can hold them down better. I also chew on two tums for some calcium. I have some similac prenatals but they nmakes me sick. once my m/s goes away I'll take them because they have it all!