WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

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WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!


I could kill my jerk-o boss right about now.. even though it's not his fault. :sleeping: I'm soooo tired! But I have to work today so no rest for the weary. Lol

What's everyone doing? Besides sleeping, and all.. :biglaugh:

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Sorry you have to work... ughh. I'm packing for our trip so not much fun and my DS2 is running a fever so it won't be much fun traveling tomorrow. At least I got to go get a pedicure this morning.

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We went to the Children's Museum and Jack and daddy went down the yule slide. They put a slide on the main steps in the atrium and you get to slide down the whole flight of stairs. Then we went and played all the holiday and winter themed stuff. Then we went and saw Santa which Jack was sooooo excited until he got to him and then he screamed bloody murder, LOL. So we ended up with a family photo with Santa!

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I had to work today too. And tomorrow also. My next day off is Tuesday. I really wish my u/s was that day, but it's not until Wednesday morning, and then I have to work that evening. So I probably won't get to come update about my u/s until Thursday. Not that I'll have a gender to announce anyway, since we're waiting until Christmas to look. Smile