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Weekend plans

So. Whats everyone up to this weekend?
DF has his mate over in a bit so we'll relax and watch a film.
Then tomorrow we are going to DF's families new beach house for MIL's birthday.
The house isn't totally finished yet but basically just needs furnishing.
It has beds and baths and sofas.
It's right on the sea front.
Weather isn't supposed to be wonderful and thunder storms are forecast for tomorrow but I think it will look fantastic from the living room.
I can't wait to have the whole of his family together for our long weekend!!!

MIL and DIL are over there already.
M and I took a drive over last night to put banners and balloons up to surprise her and she loved it!!!!!

I may even post pics when we get back.... Now I know how to!!!!

What about you ladies.

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DD starts her annual round of swim lessons.. the dog has her 6 month appt for shots..
I plan on takingg it easy with some laundry.. vacuuming.. and SLEEPING!!! Lol

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Sounds like a full fun but relaxing weekend!!!
Hope the swim lessons go well.

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The husbands grandmother died this morning, so we'll be figuring out how to get to Florida and who should attend. Sad

I also need to clean the house. We may hit the movies as well.

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Am so sorry for your loss.
I hope everyone is as okay as they can be.
My thoughts are with you.

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We don't have much planned. We didn't book any camping for much of August because we potty trained DD 2 weeks ago and wanted to have a bunch of 'home time' to practice that art. She's doing awesome, so I guess I worried too much. (we're camping next weekend for the long weekend).

So....I have arranged a playdate with a friend of mine. Her daughter is younger than K by about 9 months. Hopefully they play nice. We aren't sure where we are going to meet, so that is yet to be determined. DH and I have our cheat day on our diet tomorrow so we'll be eating like pigs and feeling sick too. LOL.

Sunday, nothing planned. Maybe a trip to the lake if the weather holds. DD has never swum in a lake before, just pools.

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Well done to D D!!!
That's fab!!!!

I am so jealous of you!!
I wish we had big lake trips!!!

Wish we had consistent enough weather to go camping!!!

Have a great time!!!!

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Well seeing as it's lunch time Saturday here already we have started our plans. So far today it was leave the house just after seven am to get to the walking group I attend, then coffee with them, library, hair cut for DS, get soem lunch and a special treat for being awesome at the barber, home DS down for a nap, washing while he sleeps and maybe some house work, lunch, take him back into town to do some photos for hubby's father's day present, groceries then home for tea a movie and bed.
Tomorrow is a quiet day, more washing and housework, and if the weather stays nice a drive about 45 minutes away for some markets as it's hubby's day off, then home and finish doing my chores then tea and bed.

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Not a whole lot in the way of plans, work Saturday evening (last Saturday!!woo), Sunday is a cleaning day laundry and house.

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We have students starting on Monday for the first day of school. I want to get this year started off right.. so I will be planning planning planning this weekend (I left the building today with a wonderfully set up classroom... and not a single thing planned/ready for Monday (oops). I also need to do some last minute shopping for the classroom as well. I also have 2 sets of 22 notebooks that I need to add labels to to divide the sections off... SIGH. school all weekend.