Weight check..

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Weight check..

Ok ladies.. has anyone gained or lost weight? Care to tell about how much?

I started around 154-155 and am currently sitting at 159.. almost 160. So not horrible. I think the nausea and morning sickness capped my weight gain off. lol..

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I've lost since my last appointment. Was at 167 and now down to 165...

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I am down a pound or two right now due to nausea. I "threw up" this morning for the first time so I am sure I will start losing some more as the morning sickness gets worse. Last pregnancy I only gained about 15lbs so by the time DS was a week old I was 15lbs below pre-pregnancy weight, lol. And it didn't stay off for long :/

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I haven't really gained anything yet. I fluctuate between 146-148 and this morning I was at 146 (I weigh myself a lot just out of habit.. lol). I had though, gained about 12 pounds from last summer.. which I was working on getting back off! I'm really hoping not to gain as much as I did with DS. Once I get more energy back I plan on starting back my exercise routine which mainly consists of cardio and yoga/pilates!

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I almost never weigh myself. My 8 week appointment weight was 4 lbs heavier than my pre-preg weight last time, but I don't know my true pre-preg weight this time...I'm hoping that includes a little preg weight this time, but in general my goal is to end up at about the same weight as last time.

I'm still doing my regular workouts I'm just a little more conscious of keeping my heart rate fom getting too crazy high (aiming for less than 160), but I'm the type that wants to go all out at every workout so, I'm finding myself slowing down more than I really want to.

So far I'm still in regular cloathing, but I can tell I have a bit of a baby bump. I still haven't told anyone, but one very close friend so, I'm hoping I'm the only one to notice the bump. DH sys it's not obvious and that he wouldn't think anything of it if I wasn't bringing it to his attention, but guys are clueless, right?

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Well after losing 35 lbs from DS2 this year I got down to 129lbs. I am now about 133lbs now. so 4lbs up. I dont mind gaining weight for the baby but it's really hard to get on a scale and see it go up after just losing so much weight.

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i was 150 when I got pg and this afternoon was roughly 153, after a shower and lunch lol so not sure how accurate that is! I'm trying REALLY hard to control my wt gain this time, with my last one I only gained about 15 lbs and was back to my pre pg wt 2 weeks after delivery.. but even pre pg wt I still wanted to lose another 20 lbs or so...

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I started out at 115, now up to like 120. I pack on weight fast in the beginning (actually through the whole pregnancy, lol). The only thing I can do to keep the nausea at bay is to eat CONSTANTLY, so it happens. I've gained about 40 lbs with both of my boys, so I gain at least a pound a week throughout. Thankfully, I haven't had a problem taking it off after birth.