Well that was not in the least bit fun...

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Well that was not in the least bit fun...

What a crazy storm that was! it was quite petrifying at some points actually. The wind gusts ripped off many shingles from our roof and downed huge trees all over town. We are super lucky that we didn't get water in the house - there was no where near as much rain as they predicted... We did of course lose power, but thankfully the temp was pretty manageable so we were able to sleep at home last night.
My parents (who live about 10 min from us) never lost their power so we've come to them until our power comes back. Who knows when that will be?!

I'm sure you've seen online and on the news pictures of Manhattan and coastal NJ. It's so sad and scary what's transpired there in just 24 hours. My heart breaks for all the thousands of people who have lost their homes.

Praying for everyones continued safety... thanks for your prayers!

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I'm glad you're okay and although you lost some shingles to your house - it's still standing. I saw pics of NY and NJ and it just saddens me that homes and businesses are ruined or non existent anymore. I live in VA, so I've been through a TON of hurricanes.. but it's so horrible, all that destruction and all that rebuilding that's going to have to go on. Thinking of you - and everyone else affected.

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Glad you made it through it safely! Hope you can get power back soon!
I've been watching all this on the news and it is just devastating! So sad!

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So glad to hear that you and your family are ok! Hope you get power soon! It's very sad to read/see all of the devastation Sandy has caused Sad Everyone that's been in Sandy's path is in my prayers.

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Glad everyone is ok!! The pictures were just devistating Sad Mother Nature can be scary!!! Power back on soon vibes to you an the fam!

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Happy to hear your family is o.k. and that you have a place to go to stay warm!

Even here the remnants of the storm were fairly strong. I was awake the whole night because our windows were shaking so much I though they would crack or shatter & my house is only 9 yrs old. We didn't loose power but when I drove my son to school their was no traffic lights and cars were everywhere.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families effected by the storm.