We're freeeee! :)

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We're freeeee! :)

We had Bram's weight check follow up today and the little beefcake gained 7 ounces in the past 4 days!!! :shock: He's officially over birth weight (which was 6lbs 12oz), currently at 6lbs 15oz!! :woohoo:

We don't have to go back until 2 months when he'll start getting shots.


ETA - Now we just need him to grow into his clothes! Smile

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LOL, reminds me of DS1...he was 6.5 weeks early and I didn't really have a any preemie clothes when he came home. Even the smallest newborn items I had just swallowed him.

Yay for a good checkup and growth spurt. He keeps that up and he'll fit into his clothes soon enough. Wink

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Awwwiess.. what a cute growing boy Smile You go, Bram!! Super adorable. I love that outfit even if it's still too big on him. He's just precious, Adriana Smile

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yay! Way to grow Bram!!!!

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Good Growing Bram!!! Good feeding Mama! Cutenesss!