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Thread: We're getting ourselves one of these....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sox79 View Post
    Hoping sometime this week. I hopefully (fingers crossed!!!) have a buyer for my beloved, trusty Corolla - will find out for sure on Wed. So if all goes well with that we can call the leasing company and have the Odyssey within a day or two!
    I'll be stalking you about it! I know you're excited
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    SWEET!!! I love love love my van!!!
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    I'm sure you'll love it!!! It's looks really nice! We've been talking about mini-vans too but will probably wait a couple years. Right now I have a Toyota Matrix and I really love it. It's like a small car but it has tons of space in the back so two kids will be no problem and I love the all wheel drive. Don't think I could give it up, if I get a van it would have to have all wheel drive. I think the Toyota Sienna has it but not sure about the Odyssey?
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    Is it new or if not what year is it?
    Heather, we used our Jetta for a few months with both kids but trips were really hard because it just wouldn't fit everyone's stuff. So we got a minivan when Noel was about six months old. It's nice because we can leave the back seat down (at least until baby comes!) and haul a lot of stuff plus take extra people. I think it's worth it, but that's just me. And minivans have come a long way and don't look nearly as minivan-ish as they used to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tori729 View Post
    Is it new or if not what year is it?
    We'd be leasing the 2013. Trying to decide between the LX and EX (EX is a little more/month but the LX doesn't have auto sliding doors and with trying to get 3 little ones in and out of the car multiple times a day, I think it's a 'luxury' worth paying a little extra for...
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    Woohoo!!! We have a Honda Odyssey and I freaking LOVE IT. And let me say that I was AGAINST a mini-van all my life. I hated them. But omg, the convenience is AMAZING. The one thing I always hated about vans were those stupid sliding doors. I'm kinda small/weak/no muscles (lol), so it is like WORK for me to man-handle those things. But with those power doors, omg, I am in HEAVEN. And the dvd player with the tv in the back for the kids... I want to freaking kiss the person who came up with that idea. LOVE IT. Ours was new when we bought it, but it's a 2010 now. I know they've since updated it, so I'm sure it's even more awesome now. Enjoy!
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