What do you consider the start of 2nd trimester?

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What do you consider the start of 2nd trimester?

Just curious, it seems everyone has a different definition, anywhere from 12-14 weeks. I think my doctor's office calls it 14 weeks. I'll probably go with that because I'm sure my nausea won't be gone until then (and that's why I'm wanting to count down to the 2nd tri at this point).

ETA: So if I go by 14 weeks, that's the equivalent of 45 days left for me. That feels like an eternity, maybe I'll go with 12 weeks, hahaha. I'll be 12 weeks in one month, October 31st.

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13.333333333 weeks Blum 3

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My OB says 14 weeks too. Half way there lol

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My OB said it's 13.33 weeks, but they operate in full weeks, so the end of 13/beginning of 14 would be the 2nd trimester

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...Looking at my ticker in my signature...

That. lol..

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OB says 14 weeks is the start of 2nd trimester. I say 12 weeks. My nausea was gone last time by 11-12 weeks.
Maybe they will move you due date up and you can be done sooner!

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