What is happening?!?!?

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What is happening?!?!?

Since Monday evening I have me getting regular contractions that will come and go. They get worse at night. I have been having some cramping and just not feeling well. I assume this is pre-labor but I didn't know it could last for days?!?!? Every night I go to bed I think today is the day and then nothing! My contractions are still coming but they aren't doing anything. I guess every pregnancy is different but thought this one would be the easiest of them all but I am definitely not enjoying these contractions when they aren't progressing into anything.
Sorry, just had to vent real quick and let you all know I am STILL pregnant!

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Oh man. I was having that for quite a few days before little missy showed up (and then it was only because doc got things going for me... I wasn't patient and calm enough to wait it out to get going itself...)
Hoping it starts up soon. This is the hardest part - the last couple of weeks feel like a year.

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Yeah, that sounds miserable! I'm sorry you are experiencing this...hope things get moving for real very soon. :bighug:

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"sox79" wrote:

the last couple of weeks feel like a year.

That pretty much sums it up! I hope they turn into something for you soon :vibes:

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I had about 2 weeks of what you describe before my water broke with my second. I hope things get going for you much sooner!

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Sorry you are getting those false contractions. Hope they just mean your body is gearing up for the real deal...not too much longer now! Hope LO decides to come soon. Oooh I forgot you are having a surprise! For some reason, I thought you were having a girl. Haha. Can't wait to find out!

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How are you doing now? I keep hoping to see a new update that you are in labor or baby is here.

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Hey mama.. here's hoping you have your SURPRISE in your arms! Smile