What's left?

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What's left?

After the shower on Saturday, Sunday was full on nesting and getting ready mode.. So for me, here's what's left -

1. Receive / Wash / Put away a shipment from Target.com that has washclothes and towels

2. Receive / Wash / Put away a shipment from Amazon.com that has all the bedding
(not too important b/c he won't be sleeping IN his bed for now)

3. Receive / Put together / Place in our bedroom the changing dresser shipping from Amazon.com

4. Disassemble / Wash covers for the swing and exersaucer given to us by a friend

5. Get D and AA batteries for Pack-N-Play parts that make noise / vibrate

6. Assemble / Install the car seat and stroller

7. Pack hospital bag

That's it!!! :clappy: Other than these things, I think we're done and ready for little man to arrive! Biggrin

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Oh my, at least you have the list thought out...I'm still living day to day in my current life and not finding time to prep for the newbie. I better figure it out soon...

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I'm nowhere near that, Adriana. Way to go.. I have however been deep cleaning.. so that's the start!

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DH and I are STUPID anal about keeping our place immaculate. Sometimes I feel sorry for DD :biglaugh: Every night we're asking her about if her room is clean.. if all her laundry is downstairs.. So there's not a ton of deep cleaning to get done.. even though I sometimes feel like doing more cleaning! lol..

I think with the craziness of work and having stopping-me-in-mid-stride type contractions now for a while - plus the every 3 minute ones from last week, I'd rather be safe than sorry and get it done and have it off my mind. Smile