What's in a name?

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What's in a name?

EVERYTHING when you're the Mama and Dada trying to figure out what it is going to be! We think we have one. We are starting to use it out loud at home, but no where else - no one else even knows we are that close to picking something. We won't tell anyone (yall don't count, but please don't put anything on facebook) until we are set on it so there is no debate about if it will stick or not - if people don't like it, tough! get your own baby to name. So here it is...or might be...

Tatum Spring

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Awww. That's so cute! Love Love Love the middle name. I would of never even thought of that! I think it's a great name all together!
I'm having a hard time picking names so congrats on finding one you love! It's funny, cause sometimes I'll just shout out a name like I'm yelling for him/her to see if it sounds good! haha

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I love it!! If anyone doesn't like my baby's name, oh well. It's my baby and I love the name. So I totally agree with you (:

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What a cool and beautiful name! Love it!
We are not even close... we know we need to picka girl name... that's about as close as we've come Smile We have time still I guess...

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it is such a beautiful name. Smile