When should I test?

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When should I test?

Today I am 6dpo. If you read my symptom post yesterday was not good. (from a being sick at work standpoint) symptom wise.. yesterday was great... SO I know I am not goign to make it until AF is due on the 13th. (or is the the 14th..Ill have to check fertility friend but pos its the 13) SO should I test at 7dpo or wait until Sunday? My answer test says 4 days before missed and tha would b sunday. I know there are tests out htere that do 7 days before but I dont know which. I am not getting my hopes up bc I did not test pos with ds until 12 dpo. but I also didnt ahve symptoms this early with him. a coworker thinks I am preg too. (she was recently preg in Dec and July- (m/c both) and she said that what I dealt with yesterday was very similar to how she was prior to getting a pos.

SO keeping in mind that I have 3 answer tests here and that's it.. When should I test?? (or what supersensitive one should I go out and buy without shelling otu too much money)

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I don't know. I am a very bad poas-er!! So I would probably test on 7 or 8dpo, but not get discouraged if it is a bfn because it is early!

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I would say wait until at least 10dpo. Anytime I tested ealry and got a BFN, I seemed depressed! Good luck with whatever you decide!

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I've never gotten even the faintest of a line before 8dpo, so I'd probably wait till then if it were me. But at the same time, I'm a POAS-aholic, so I've been known to start at 6dpo, knowing all too well it was impossible to get a BFP then, hahaha...

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I have never been able to get a positive test before 10 DPO, and I've tried. Blum 3 I think 10 DPO is a good time to start early testing...it's not ridiculously early and still early enough that it's actually possible to wait that long. At least I have an easier time waiting if I have a not too far off goal. Wink

Just keep in mind that a negative result that early doesn't mean you aren't pregnant. If you know you'll get really upset seeing a BFN then wait until, at least, a day before or the day your period is due. :goodluck:

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there was an itty bitty tiny spot of red today--I am hoping/assuming this could be implantation? I got nauseous again when I drank my coffee today but lunch was ok (same lunch I had yesterday) I just couldnt eat a whole lot. they are taking bets at work. there are a few that are convinced Im preg. I was seriously considering starting tomorrow to test.... with one of those super early tests.. trying to hold out til Sunday... that would make me 9dpo

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I am trying to hold off til AF would be due I had a mc in june and dont want to get my hopes up. So want to see two lines but I am nervous. I dont think I ever tested before 10-11dpo