Whiney 'ol me again :(

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Whiney 'ol me again :(

For the love of all.. can I catch a break today with my back hurting??? There's no way to describe it other than period type cramping.. but it's constant. This just sucks.

Stick a fork in me - I'm done!!

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I hear ya girl...my baby has moved and is now kicking my colon or something. It flippin' hurts and it's hard not to yell 'ouch!' when it happens. Luckily I work from home and DH is the only one who hears my screams. Blum 3

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((((HUGS)))) I hear ya girl. Completely.

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I hope today is better, Adriana!!

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Ugh. Sorry Sad I'm in constant discomfort too Sad ranging from internal heavy duty kicking to all sorts of cramping and aches. Sometimes all at the same time. Joy.