Wish the Baby would make up her/his mind...

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Wish the Baby would make up her/his mind...

So up until this past week all the baby wanted was carbs. I haven't been too sick (except that 10/11th weeks). You know, nausea during the day and puking only a handful of times. Since last Friday, baby has been loving cauliflower and it seemed to get rid of the persistent bad taste in my mouth. Well since Saturday night, I have barely eaten and puked more times than the rest of the pregnancy put together. WTH second trimester??? You are totally letting me down!!! LOL But, now the baby wants raw veggies or every kind. Lunch today was a small school salad, cucumbers, and cauliflower. I had packed a PB sandwich and ate that too and I felt like I had just eaten the best meal of my life. This baby just needs to make up it's mind because I can't keep up. I have never been a veggie lover and have hated them more the first trimester. SMH

Anyone else have a picky eater already??? Wink

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YES! :oops: lol.. Lol

At first it was the marianted meat, greek salad... Now I can't stand to think about it.

Then it was vinegar. No more - thanks! :puke:

Now it's tangerines! :biglaugh:

I can't keep up with baby's wants! Lol

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I chose mexican food over spaghetti tonight. This is blasphemy!!! I am Italian! Ha ha ha But really, I hate mexican food normally. I feel like I am not myself at all and I was taken over by an alien. I was not like this at all with DS. I feel like I am going crazy!

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It is weird how your body craves certain things. I'm still not craving anything but do prefer to eat certain things over others. I have never really eaten well when I'm pregnant. Luckily, not craving any fast food this time!

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I wanted Honey Mustard dressing today. JUST the dressing. Might have looked a little weird just licking it out of the packet, so I came home to do it in private LOL