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Just wondering if any of you have used a wrap and which ones you recommend? I used the baby Bjorn with my previos children, but am really considering getting a wrap.

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The baby Bjorn is actually bad for your baby's hips. That and the Snuggli. The downward hanging of the hips isn't good for them. I had a Snuggli with my daughter but I didn't know about the hip thing at the time!

For my daughter I had a Cuddly Wrap (Moby Wrap) which is a big long piece of fabric you tie up. I liked it but I found it to be a pain to tie in parking lots. You can tie it on you before you leave home, drive to the mall or whereever, then put the baby in when you get there though. It has a few different ways to use it. I used it more at home than out and about. This is it:

I also had/have a Peanut Shell sized sling which I liked for those times when I quickly needed something. It also folded small enough to always keep in my diaper bag just in case:

What I WISHED I had back then was an Ergo though. We bought one a month or so ago to use with our 2.5 year old. She can be worn in it still and it's great for hikes where she wants to walk a ways but then gets tired. We wear her on our backs. Anyways, I wished I'd had one when she was little. They are MUCH better on their hips than the snuggli/bjorn and they are better for your back too. The weight is on your hips more than on your shoulders.

I went out for dinner with a friend and her 3 month old the other day. She had borrowed a sling from her sister and said it was MUCH easier to eat dinner with the baby in the sling than in the Ergo (how she normally does it). When he's in the Ergo his head is right under your mouth so you are constantly picking crumbs out of his hair. LOL.

So ya, I guess I'm going into baby #2 with 3 baby carriers! LOL. We also have a metal frame hiking backpack that we rarely use. It seems like a lot...but I know people with more! LOL.

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I have a maya wrap that I used. It's great for when they are small. I also have an ergo. Haven't used it much because my DS2 didn't like being carried in anything.

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I have a moby that I wouldn't trade for anything. I also have an Action Baby Carrier which is pretty close to an Ergo. I heard that Snugli or Baby Bjorn have come out with versions of the Ergo though, so they are not all crotch danglers anymore.

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I made myself a Moby Wrap, because why spend fourty dollars when you can spend five. It was a stretchy type fabric and it worked out wonderfully as we walked a lot when we lived in Albuquerque (oh to live close to everything again).

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I had 3 carriers last time that I LOVED. I used a Moby when he was little, probably 0-6 months or so. I used a BabyHawk (mei tai carrier) when he was a tad bigger, probably 3-9 months. And I used an Ergo when he was bigger, 6mos+. I love, love, love them all for different reasons. I can't wait to use the moby again... It's the sweetest, cuddliest way to wear a little baby, omg... LOVE IT.