Yesterday's Appointment

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Yesterday's Appointment

I got to the office and they put me on the nst. I had two bouts of diarrhea again that morning and was still cramping and contracting and SEVERE back pain. Of course no contractions register on the nst machine, but she was moving all over the place. After 20 min the nurse came back in and said, not looking too good. I questioned her cause she was moving so much and she said that her heart rate didn't look good. So she said we will watch for a little longer. Then about 20 more min later, my dr. came in and said her heart rate looked like I was dehydrated. I know I have had some pooping issues, but we go through 2-3 cases of water a week. So, they sent me for an u/s bpp and the u/s tech said, wow, this is the most active I have ever seen this baby! She passed with flying colors and the tech saw nothing wrong with her. My fluid was still at a 10 which is what it was last week at the high risk dr, but they were concerned about it decreasing so I go for a repeat u/s next week.

Then for some reason there was a question about whether I had my ob appointment too. It said it right on my sheet so idk why there was confusion. So they put me in a room and she comes into check me. NO progress, still at 3 cm. She did the Strep B swab and I told her I thought I had another yeast infection. She said I looked a little irritated, but she would rather wait it out and see what happens since the only "symptom" I get is green goopy discharge and not the itchiness.

Then, she decided I have one more week of bed rest. She said modified and I could start doing more so I guess that is good. I am still going with our plan to get pedicures and do a few errands today.

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:lurk: I really want to use my 4 hrs of freedom one day to get a peicure too! Yay for baby doing well!

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Glad everything is ok! I hope you enjoy your pedicure today, yey!! 36 weeks, that's wonderful. Keep baking baby!!

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Nice work mama! Way to keep her inside. Biggrin

I want a pedicure too!

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How did the pedi go?? Biggrin Won't be much longer now. Smile

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Sounds like a great appointment! Hope you enjoyed your pedicure!