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Thread: *~*~* May 2014 Spaces *~*~*

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    Default *~*~* May 2014 Spaces *~*~*

    May 2014 Spaces!


    Please reserve your spot here AFTER you get your BFP

    Spaces are reserved for sharing...
    1. Something brief about yourself
    2. Info about your appointments
    3. Pics of your BFP, your growing belly, ultrasounds, nursery shots, etc.
    4. Additional pregnancy tickers
    5. Anything else you want to share related to your pregnancy (please keep as brief as possible).

    Please read the following before posting!

    * This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

    * Once you reserve your "space," edit it each time you post something new. Please DO NOT create a new post for each new picture/piece of info you are posting. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of your post.

    * Because this is already a picture-heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by un-checking the "Show your signature" button before your click "submit" to post your message.

    * Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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    Anna's May 2014 Space

    About me
    So my back story. DH and I spend 29 months TTC and fertility testing and treatment before we got pg on our own with our DD. She was born 10/06/10. After she was born we did nothing to prevent and started TTC again in March 2011 when AF returned. We got pg again in July 2011 and DS was born 4/6/12. Both of these were c/s for mostly unnecessary reasons. DD was breech and with DS I went into labor on Good Friday and the nurses and on-call OB didn't want to sit around and wait for me to have my 'little birth experience'. I'm going to attempt a VBA2C at local birth center with a midwife.
    The BFPs!!!
    9/6/2013 8DPO

    Appointments and notable events
    9/16/2013 - Interview with a midwife and tour of the birth center! - - - I met with one of the midwives yesterday for the local birth center. At first it sounded like they weren't going to even take me on because they normally require a span of 2 years between pregnancies and DS is 17 months. But after consulting with the other midwife they agreed to risk it and take me on. The wait is a requirement by some governing board of theirs. Everything was going great after that. She even suggested I could just as easily do a homebirth since I live just as close to the hospital as the birth center is. Sounds nice. She told me that care starts at 12 weeks, which would put me in November for care to start. Then she asked about insurance and when I told her it was BCBSTX her face fell and she said they don't pay for midwives unless they are PA's too and these are not. They are LM, CPM. So that would make me a cash pay, and the full amount would have to be paid by mid April. The amount is only a little bit more than what our copay would be for a RCS with insurance, which makes it seem like a simple decision. Unless, I pay the midwives and then end up with a RCS anyway. In that case you are looking at double the amount because we'd have to pay both groups. Its a LOT of money to us. When I told DH about the costs being the same either way, he immediately went to how much it would cost if we had to pay both. And said that its a lot of money to throw at a MAYBE (referring to my VBA2C attempt). So it appears the my DH has no faith that I could even be successful at a VBA2C, and without his full support and backing, I've got nothing. The midwives were my only option for even having a chance at a VBA2C at all. There is no doctor within a 4 hour drive from here that would even allow me to try for a VBA2C. Under these current circumstances I am left with only one option and that is a scheduled RCS. So after much deliberation and talking to DH about how much I want this, we have decided to take a financial gamble and go with the midwives and birth center!! I am excited and scared!!!
    ************************************************** ***************
    11/04/13 - 12+1, My first appointment with the midwives!! Did the initial bloodwork and vag swabs. The swabs they had me do myself and I think I did it wrong because it hurt and now it hurts when I pee. Anyway, we heard the heartbeat for the first time and it was perfect at around 160. She took a minutes to find it and had to get a different doppler to get it, but its there. It all seems so much more real after you hear that sound.

    12/02/13 - 16+1, Second appointment went great. Baby was doing well, HB at 160, my BP is good. She did get on to me a bit for getting antibiotics for strep throat, but I'm okay with that. This was my first appointment with this midwife and she seemed nice too. She has a reputation for being abrupt and off-putting but I didn't really find her such. She reviewed my surgical records with me and we discussed some of the things that were listed there that were not what I was told at the time.

    01/06/14 - 21+1, Fabulous appointment! I feel a ton better about everything, though it seems likely that my placenta is anterior, which is a little concerning. She had trouble getting the heartbeat because the baby was super active in there and kept hiding from the doppler wand! Looks like everything is trucking along perfectly for now!

    02/03/14 - 25+1,

    Belly Pictures

    Since I'm going with a birth center (hopefully) there likely won't be many of these. Will not be getting one of these until at least 20 weeks.

    My Blog about my VBA2C journey.
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    VBA2C blog

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    I'm Sarah. I am married to Austin and we are blessed with a little boy born in March 2010 named Michael. He is truly the light of my life and quite frankly I'm a little heartbroken he won't be my "baby" anymore. We are a military family currently living in the United Kingdom. We will be moving sometime (don't know when) to somewhere (don't know where), and I have no clue where I will birth this baby or if my husband will even be there with me. Fingers crossed for the best! My LMP was 8/16, so that puts my due date at 5/23/14. We shall see what the doctor says!

    My Tests!
    FRER: Very diluted afternoon urine at 9 DPO (Sep 10) came up within a minute!

    Just a 15 hour progression!
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    My name is Aurora. DH and I are high school sweethearts, since we were 16 years old. We have been married since 2008. We have a son named Anthony, who is 4 years old.

    In the past year, we have gone through two m/c that have ended in D&C's. The loss of two has been really hard, but we are crossing our fingers for a healthy pregnancy this time. My EDD according to my last cycle is 5/15/14.

    Appointments and Important Events

    09.06.13 BFP

    09.18.13 1st OB Appt - Everything looks good. Blood drawn to test hCG levels (18,176 hCG). Prometrium was prescribed to prevent a miscarriage as well as bed rest.

    09.20.13 Emergency Appt- Went in due to spotting, and got great news (fetal pole and a heartbeat). Crown Rump length (CRL) 0.26 cm.

    09.22.13 ER- While on vacation I ended up with an ER visit due to bright red bleeding. After 5 hrs, I found out that everything was fine (fetus measuring one day ahead and a heartbeat). Unknown why the bleeding was occurring. Happy that everything is still good.

    10.02.13 OB Appt- Great appt, measuring one day ahead (8 wks). I have gained 3 lbs and my clothes doesn't fit comfortable anymore. When I see myself in the mirror, I see how I am showing already, but no one (other than DH) has a clue. I am really nauseous and feel sluggish all day.

    10.18.13 OB Appt- Cramping with no bleeding, but everything looked great in the u/s

    10.26.13 ER- severe cramping that left me breathless and crying. After 6 hrs, I was told that the baby looked good and all test came out great. Baby was very active and jumping around as the u/s tech got closer. Unknown case for cramping except possible 1st trimester symptoms and possible early sign of miscarriage. Taking it easy and keeping hope that baby will be fine.

    11.01.13 Appt- bloodwork needed for routine pregnancy exams. Baby looks great, measuring at 12w 5d, and HB 171. (4 days ahead).

    11.27.13 OB Appt

    Belly Pictures
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    Reserving My Space

    Hi guys. I'm preggers with #3! I have a daughter (3yrs) and a son (1yr).

    Took that ^ on 09/11/2013, 13 DPO. The internet cheapies I bought this time around were terrible. Not sensitive at all. The lines were so faint on 12 and 13 DPO I thought it was an evap. So I bought that ^ 88 cent Walmart test and it confirmed the good news. (It's darker in person). The IC tests did get noticeably darker today, though.

    I ovulated late on CD 19. Taking that into account my due date is around May 22, 2014!
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    Stephanie and Gregory! Married 5/4/13 at 1:23pm.

     photo gregandsteph.jpg

    I've got two kiddos from my late husband. DH claims them as his and we're a happily blended family!

     photo ourwedding.jpg

    Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

    Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Kids Birthday tickers

    How this baby got here!!
    I had a Tubal Ligation Reversal on 7/19/13 ~ Dr. Kavoussi removed filshie clips from my tubes. Cut out the scar tissue and fused my tubes back together. He said he'd never seen tubes that good after 4 years with filshie clips. I had minimal scarring and hope for the future.

    We then tested my AMH and found it to be a little low...0.52 to be exact. This test either tells me that I only have a few good eggs or a have a lot of bad ones. Nevertheless we started TTC immediately.

    1st cycle ~ no life changes - positive OPK on CD13 - improper BBTing - guessing if my cervix was changing - guessing about CM consistency - DTD every day = BFN

    2nd cycle ~ cut out most caffeine - tracked water intake - My Herbal Supplements (Maca Root, Vitex, Co Q10, evening primrose oil, prenatal vitamins) - DH Herbal Supplements (Maca Root, Co Q10, Damiana, Vitamin C) - Started the cycle with Peach Detox Tea 3 days - Red Raspberry Leaf Tea until 6DPO - Increased Fiber intake with oatmeal and milled flaxseed - Positive OPK on CD15 - Consistent BBTing - Cervix had undeniable changes and opened wide - CM was beautiful - DTD every other day = BFP 11DPO very faint. We're going to watch the line grow darker.

    Positive OPK on CD15 and BFP on 11DPO!
     photo OPK951311AM.jpg  photo 11thru13DPOcomparison.jpg

    My Tickers!!

    baby development

    Appointments and Important News!
    Met my midwife: She's a home birth only midwife. I had both of my DDs via c-section so this baby will be born via HBA2C (Home Birth After 2 Caesarians).

    Medical records have already made it to the midwife and we're clear to move forward. If anything changes it'll be posted here! Sooo excited!!

    Beta #1: 29 (9/16/2013) 11 DPO. Which according my research, other ppls numbers and my midwife...this is a great number for this early. Very excited. Feeling great.

    Symptoms Week 3: Slightly sore breasts, sensitive nipples, queasy, and very hungry in the morning, hunger pains if I wait too long to eat. These are all slight symptoms but there nonetheless. And my temp went up today (13 DPO, day before missed AF)

    Beta #2: 76 (9/18/2013) 13 DPO.

    Placement Ultrasound: 9/26/13 ~ 11am CST @ 5weeks gestation
    Our baby is in my UTERUS!! Measuring 2.1mm - GS measuring at 6weeks!

    Symptoms Week 4: Slightly tender breasts, very tender nipples. Dizzy spells, queasy on an empty stomach. Hunger pains. Fatigue and some food aversion.

    Symptoms Week 5: Tender breasts, tender nipples. Dizzy spells, nausea on an empty stomach. Hunger pains. Fatigue, food aversion, cravings, gassy, bloated and ecstatic!

    Beta #3: 3040 (9/26/13) 21 DPO
    Progesterone: 10.6 ~ Starting Prometrium

    Symptoms Week 6: Well everything seems to have come up full blown now. Boobs hurt badly every once in a while. Nipples are sensitive but also hurt badly every single night. Nauseous every single day, all day long and now food doesn't really help anymore. I've had some dry gagging but no vomiting really. Still having some dizzy spells, food aversion, cravings of potatoes and broccoli. I'm bloated and gassy. I guess now that symptoms are full on I'll wait until they start to diminish to update on them again.

    Baby Names! If it's a boy, his name will be Aiden Columbus Richie Palmer. If it's a girl, her name will be Olivia Christine Palmer.

    Heartbeat Ultrasound: 10/4/13 ~ 3pm CST @ 6wks 1day gestation
    Our baby has a HB of 118 beats per minute and is 4.8mm long! Woot! Woot!

    Emergency Ultrasound 10/7/13 ~ 4pm CST @ 6wks 4days gestation
    Had to have an emergency ultrasound with Dr. Kavoussi because I started spotting Saturday night and bleeding Monday. Baby was absolutely fine.
    HB of 128 beats per minute and 7.6mm long. Measuring a day ahead.

    First Official Prenatal Appt w/Midwife: 10/18/13 @ 8wks 1day gestation
    Gave blood to check progesterone and CBC. Progesterone is 14 now which is up from 10.6 (without the prometrium). Was taken off prometrium because I couldn't hold anything down (food or water).
    Midwife will continue to observe progesterone levels to ensure my levels aren't going down.
    CBC came back great. Great blood count, not anemic...everything is going well.
    Couldn't find that baby's heart beat with the Doppler. It may still be too soon.

    Symptoms Week 9: My breasts still get tender from time to time. When I rub them or squeeze my nipples (to relieve the ache) some colostrum has started to come out. Acne is still here. Nausea is still here but no where near as bad as it used to be. I still vomit everyday but it's almost like it happens because I ate too much or something.
    Disappearing symptoms: Dizzy spells, headaches, bloating and constipation.

    Symptoms Week 10: Acne is still here. My nausea went away for 2 days and came back mild. I always feel congested now and I've got excessive CM. I can feel my uterus in my abdomen. (A round ball in my lower abdomen about the size of a grapefruit)
    Disappearing symptoms: Breast tenderness is gone. Nipple sensitivity is now only when they are touched.

    12 Week Midwife Appt: 11/15/13 @ 12 wks 1 day gestation
    We talked about what I've been eating. While I've been eating relatively well, I have been suffering from nausea and vomiting. I've lost 11lbs since my 8 week appointment. There were keytones in my urine so that means my body is breaking down muscle. I need to eat a ton of protein.
    We also found the baby's heartbeat this time. 160bpm. So relieved and feeling much better about this pregnancy! We also found out that the midwife needs a placenta placement ultrasound to be sure it's in a safe place. We need to do the ultrasound at 30 weeks. To save money we are not doing one any earlier than that...except the gender one of course.

    Personal Doppler: Over a year ago, I bought my sister a doppler while she was pregnant. She has handed it back to me and last night (11/19/13) Greg found Smudgy in my tummy. 155bpm. Very loud and strong. We are beyond ecstatic!!!

    Symptoms Week 12: Nausea is still here. I vomit in the morning and I vomit if I eat too much and I vomit if I don't eat enough. My breasts hurt in the morning when I get up but that's it. I still have some acne but it's not horrible anymore. Excessive CM still here and vivid dreams. All the other symptoms are gone.

    Elective 3D Gender U/S: 12/12/13 @ 16 wks gestation
    It's a BOY!!!

    Ultrasound Pictures!!

    Placement Ultrasound: Thursday, September 26, 2013 ~ 11am CST @ 5wks gestation
    Our baby is firmly planted in my uterus!! Measuring 2.1mm! Everything looks perfect!
     photo 5wksgestation.jpg

    Heartbeat Ultrasound Friday, October 4, 2013 ~ 3pm CST @ 6wks 1 day gestation
     photo Smudgy6w1dcollage.jpg

    Emergency Ultrasound due to bleeding Monday, October 7, 2013 ~ 4pm CST @ 6wks 4days gestation
     photo Smudgy6w4dcollage.jpg

    Gender Ultrasound!!! Thursday, December 12, 2013 ~ 7:30pm CST @ 16wks

    Belly Pictures!!! Yippie!

    I took an early belly picture so I can have a comparison pic later!

     photo belly5wks7wkscomparison.jpg
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    I guess I'll make a space My name is Michelle. DH and I have been married for 7 years now. We met my freshman year of college. Our DS turned 4 this summer. I had planned a natural birth with him, but my water broke at 34 weeks 5 days. He was footling breech, so I had to have a c-section. The nurses and doctors were great...I trust that we made the right decision, but I still wish that it had gone differently. He was in the nursery for 10 days before coming home. I'm hoping this next one decides to bake until he/she is full term. I do plan for a VBAC with a midwife group in a hospital. As much as I would love to do a home birth, I don't want to risk another premie and then have to transfer and fight for a VBAC. I'll try to get pictures uploaded sometime. My first appointment isn't until 10/17, so I have a bit of a wait!
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    Augustus- b. 7/18/09 at 34 weeks
    3/12/13, 5 weeks
    10/16/13, 12 weeks

     BabyFruit Ticker

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    Reserving my space. Will update probably tomorrow sometime.


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    I have weekly US but I will just post the most recent. 12 week NT scan. All is normal!

    Belly Shot- I think I was like 10 or 11 weeks. I"m huge!

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    DD Emily 2/10/05
    DS Sebastian 4/18/14

    *IVF #1: Failed early MC*
    *IVF #2: Baby Cecilia born at 22 weeks.
    *IVF #3: Positive!

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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