Anatomy Scan with photos

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Anatomy Scan with photos

Had my anatomy scan this morning. I held strong and didn't find out the gender. We got some good pictures. I won't find out if everything is normal with the ultrasound until I see my midwife in January, but I assume if there are any areas of concern she would call me before then.

Baby's Profile

The Spine

A foot

Face (kind of creepy and hard to see)

Here's a couple bonus photos of my kids too

For this year's Christmas card...

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Good job on holding out! The family pictures are adorable. Isn't it crazy how our youngest are looking so old?! It doesn't seem possible.

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Awww what a cute profile pic of your little one! I love your Christmas card idea too!

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Beautiful baby!!! I'm sure all is well!!!! You are much stronger than me, that's for sure!