Anyone else dizzy?

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Anyone else dizzy?

Anyone else really dizzy? Sometimes I am so dizzy I feel like I can't even walk straight! This is a first for me and it's making me nervous Sad

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I don't get dizzy but I do fill kind light headed if I haven't eaten enough or soon enough. Are you eating often enough? It's hard to remember to do sometimes with crazy boys running around all day!

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I've been having dizzy spells since 4.5 weeks or so. Never had it before but my midwife says it's a normal symptom

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I think the food thing may be adding to the dizziness bc I have been nauseated I'm not eating at much

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Normal, yes. Something to be wary of, definitely. I had dizzy spells all throughout my last pregnancy and didn't think much of it since everyone told me it was totally normal. I ended up fainting and knocking out my front tooth when I was 5 months along. Now I take it seriously. When I'm dizzy I immediately sit back down. If I'm walking when it happens I get down on the floor. It looks ridiculous but I'd rather look ridiculous than loose another tooth :).

It could be a food thing, later on it can be a "baby sitting on the vein returning blood to your heart" thing. It might also be that you're anemic. I take iron for anemia and I notice a very significant difference in the frequency of dizzy spells if I don't take my iron. In early pregnancy, your blood volume is increasing dramatically, requiring more iron. If you start out slightly anemic you might be draining your iron reserves in early pregnancy. If its happening a lot and especially if your vision is significantly blurred during a spell, you might want to have a blood draw to test if you're anemic. You can get iron from dietary sources. I choose to use a supplement because I'm vegetarian and I seem to have trouble getting enough in my diet.

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Weird things set off my dizziness. Three times I was laying in bed, and when DH hopped in to join me the mattress swooshed over to the right a bit. Just a small amount of movement! And it totally gave me that vertigo feeling. Like "-whoa-" Thankfully I was already laying down!! lol

I got dizzy and lightheaded in the kitchen a few days ago. It has a tile floor, so I immediately stopped, braced myself on the counter and waited for the feeling to pass. I don't think I've ever totally fainted in my life, but I have felt faint MANY MANY TIMES since puberty. I think in the beginning (puberty lol) it had to due with my low blood pressure. If I stood up too fast things would start to go dark and I'd get dizzy. But that tapered off as I got older. But now its coming back during my pregnancies. My iron was checked recently and they told me it was normal. So who knows what's going on with that! lol