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Board name ideas

Since Margaret clarified that everyone just needs to be in the second trimester to start picking a board name, I thought maybe we could go ahead and start throwing out ideas. I think it would be best to save actual voting until the new year since its the holidays and everyone is traveling doing family stuff, but I'm certainly not the decision maker on this. Since I'm a mod on other boards, I have the right, according to the rules, to take the lead on this so I hope that is okay with everyone.

Anyway, what are some names you like for May? Let's get the brainstorming going on!

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That's fine with me. I"m terrible with these kinds of things. As of now I have no ideas... Sad

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I was on a May board a couple years ago and I honestly can't remember what we were called. Maybe it was May Moonbeams (or maybe that was another May birth board) I don't really have any good ideas.

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May Birds, May Chicks (because we're chicks and we're gonna hatch some chicks lol idk)

May Ladybugs, May Stars

Anyone like any of those?