Camden's birth story!

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Camden's birth story!

Sorry this has taken so long to type this but having 3 boys now and I have been dealing with bad back pain I just haven't had time to get on here!

I went to the doctor on April 28 for my weekly checkup. We were having bad weather and tornado warnings and watches all over and my doctor said that my water could break any moment and she was scared that if we went home and I went into labor that I may not be able to get back bc of the storms so she put me in the hospital for observation to see how many contractions I was having. She was so right! This picture is of a F4 tornado about 4 miles from my house. Where this picture is taken my house is 2 miles away and the tornado was 2 miles from this spot.

I was scared to death! My sister had my oldest boys and they were at a local church basement with a lot of other people. The tornado turned north and did alot of damage. Thankfully our house was ok but we had several friends and family members to loose everything and one friend who passed away.

The next morning on April 29, the Dr came in and checked me and said my water was about to break and went ahead and broke it and started me on some medicine to help get the contractions going. I don't think it was poticin they kept calling it something else. This was bout 9:00 am. I did good with the contractions till about 2pm. I was 4cms going in and I was stuck on 5cm and couldn't seem to get passed it. They had to up my contraction medicine and that is when I asked for the epidural. Finally about 5:15pm she said I was ready to try to push. DH found out afterwards that Camden was trying to come out "sunny side up" (face up) the doctor somehow got Camden to turn like it was suppose to. Brandon said he remembers Camdens heart rate dropping when it happened. The nurse told him afterwards that was what happened but the Doctor didn't say nothing that alarmed me and he was born at 5:34pm. He weighed 7lbs 12oz. they said he was 21 inches long but on his crib card and the nursery notes said he was 20inches long! Not sure what else to share about his birth story but here is some pictures that I took for his newborn pictures and a picture with his big brothers Christopher & Cooper. Cooper gets his cast off next week and I am going to take some more pictures of them together.

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awwww he's precious!! congrats! what a scary pic my goodness!!

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I'm so sorry for my late response. Your son is so gorgeous! Congratulations mama!

I am sorry to hear of the tornado in your neighborhood and the loss of your friend. :bighug: